Unlock Your Athletic Potential: Elevate Performance and Recovery with Advanced Therapies


For the athletic individuals who are passionate about pushing their physical limits, achieving peak performance and optimal recovery are paramount. At East Village Physical Medicine, we understand the unique needs of fitness enthusiasts, runners, cyclists, and those who lead an active lifestyle. Join us on a journey to discover how our cutting-edge therapies can elevate your performance, accelerate recovery, and help you reach new heights of athletic excellence.

Enhancing Performance: Advanced Therapies Tailored to Athletes

At EVPM, we see so many patients who are looking to  optimize their athletic performance, we help them achieve this through our comprehensive and customized treatment plans designed to meet the unique needs of athletes. Our team of experts combines the art of chiropractic care with advanced pain relief therapies and performance-enhancing treatments to optimize biomechanics, increase mobility, and improve overall body function.

Through chiropractic care, we address alignment issues, imbalances, and joint restrictions that can hinder performance and lead to injuries. Our advanced pain relief and joint strengthening therapies, such as spinal and knee decompression, electrical muscle stimulation, infrared light therapy, and K-Laser therapy, target specific muscle groups, reduce inflammation, pain, and promote efficient recovery.

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Regenerating with Precision: PRP and Stem Cell Therapies

Regenerative medicine has revolutionized the field of sports medicine and EVPM is at the forefront of delivering precision regenerative therapies. Our Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapies harness the body’s natural healing abilities to regenerate damaged tissues and accelerate recovery.

PRP therapy involves extracting a small amount of the patient’s own blood, separating the platelets rich in growth factors, and injecting them back into the injured area. This concentrated dose of growth factors stimulates tissue regeneration, reduces inflammation, and promotes healing. Stem cell therapy utilizes the regenerative potential of stem cells to repair and replace damaged cells and tissues, aiding in the healing process.

By leveraging these advanced regenerative therapies, athletes can experience faster healing, reduced downtime, enhanced tissue repair, and in extreme cases, avoid costly and risky surgeries. The precision and effectiveness of PRP and stem cell therapies offer a significant advantage to athletes seeking optimal recovery and long-term performance.

The Winning Edge: Comprehensive Care for Peak Performance

At EVPM, we understand that achieving peak performance goes beyond individual treatments. Our approach encompasses comprehensive care that addresses all aspects of an athlete’s well-being. Alongside holistic chiropractic services and advanced therapies, we offer tools and strategies to help strengthen your body where it needs it most to keep your body in alignment and balance.

At EVPM, our commitment to comprehensive care means we strive to support athletes in every aspect of their journey. Whether it’s optimizing performance, addressing injuries, or preventing future injuries, our goal is to help athletes achieve their full potential to excel in their athletic pursuits, and feel great while doing it.